Tracking Recurring Chargify Events


In this ebook, we're going to tie several services you may be using together to help you get a better handle on your revenue, and where that revenue may be coming from. By the end of this book you should be able to:

  • Understand RESTful APIs
  • Extend Zapier with your own services
  • Move data around online services using webhooks
  • Understand the new Google Analytics User-ID
  • Associate conversion events with specific users in GA
  • Track recurring revenue and associate it to specific marketing channels


  • Bend the rules and associate PII in Google analytics

This book is written for any marketing professional, with some basic experience setting up google analytics. I will do my best to be as comprehensive as possible, but I don't know what you don't know. Since my intention is to make this book accessible to anybody let me know (@jordanskole) whenever something is unclear to you and I will make sure to update the content. To show my appreciation I'll be sure to include your name and a link in the credits.

In this ebook, we're going to unlock a lot of topics that will hopefully continue to provide you value in the future. The scope of this project is meant to be something that a lot of people have to deal with.

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